We do our repairs on a case by case basis. We don’t charge hourly, but rather charge based on the difficulty, cost of parts, and amount of labor involved. We collect an estimate fee for our time diagnosing issues and the estimate fee is a credit to the total. Our technicians all have a decade or more of experience and each unit is examined and checked at the component level as well as the board level.
Estimate Fees for units dropped off at the shop
Receivers / Stereos $50
Subwoofer $50
Flat screens under 32” $50
Computer Diagnostic $50
Camcorders/Cameras $50
Widescreen, Flatscreens $70
We do offer special pricing for multiple items, bulk contract rates, and so on.
Our estimates vary depending on the amount of labor and the cost of parts necessary.
Feel free to contact us with any questions.